The NRA wants you to pay big for their hobby.


The NRA leadership would like you to believe that they are crusaders for constitutional rights.  They are not.  The NRA is a hobby organization.  Their hobby is guns.  All kinds of guns – hunting rifles, hand guns and for the elite, weapons of mass destruction in the form of assault rifles.  They believe that their hobby should have no restrictions.  They believe they should be able to own any gun that they want, any caliber, with any size magazine.

To support their hobby, they are willing to spend untold millions of dollars, in contributions to and against law makers, to make sure that their hobby desires are fulfilled.  They hold the constitution in front of them like a flack jacket, waving it around while perverting the constitution in every possible way.  Not supposed to buy politicians? – you can if you buy judges too.  Jefferson hadn’t counted on assault rifles? – well, you just prove that. Not supposed to deprive others of life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness? – hey, elite hobbyists gotta have their toys, the constitution says so.

NRA hobby elitists  will tell you that guns are not the problem.  The problem is that we have crazy people in the US.  We got criminals in the US.  We got immigrants in the US.  The problem is our schools are not built to stop high velocity bullets or the crazies that are carrying them.  The problem is that our public safety entities don’t share data well enough, and our doctors don’t cure mental illness instantly.

The NRA would like YOU to correct those problems and they will tell you exactly how. YOU should spend your money to turn schools into bunkers with armed paramilitaries patrolling the corridors.  Of course it’s not just the schools, it’s the movie theaters, the train stations, the concert venues, the dance halls and everywhere else that people congregate. All should be built to military standards and routinely patrolled by armed, paramilitary forces, at your expense.  The NRA elite will profit from that but hey, they’re already paying to buy politicians so they can’t afford to implement actual (though ugly, unreasonable and undesirable) fixes for the problem they’ve caused.

If you are not willing or able to fund that, you will still pay the price.  You’ll have to see your babies, sisters, mothers, cousins and friends with bullet holes in their flesh. It will be YOUR fault for not taking the proper precautions.  In Douglas County, we recently closed all of our libraries because we don’t have the money to fund them.  So, in my little town, we have already seen, and will probably see more, young bodies with bullet holes, the victims of mass shootings.  The NRA says it’s our own fault.  We should be ashamed.

And we should all be ashamed.  Not for lack of bunkers and paramilitary, but for believing the NRA leadership, and allowing them to buy our law makers.

It isn’t crazy people who perpetrate mass shootings.  England, France, Canada, Belgium, Sweden and all the rest of first world countries have just as many crazy people as we do and they don’t have mass shootings in schools.  Why, because it isn’t crazy people, it’s crazy people with guns that perpetrate mass shootings.  It’s the guns.  The guns are the root of the problem.  Crazy people with clubs or knives don’t commit mass shootings. You may have the same insane anger but you don’t wind up with tens of dead bodies.

We don’t need studies.  ALL of the first world countries have already proved it.  If you don’t allow the guns, you don’t need the bunkers and the paramilitary patrols because the mass shootings don’t happen.  We need to take our heads out of the sand, look hard at who’s paying who for what, listen to NRA drivel and understand that it doesn’t make sense, then insist that our law makers do the right thing.  We can start that TODAY.  The prototypes for how to do it are plastered all over the world.  We just need to pick the best ones and get them on the books. Then clean up the mess we’ve already got.

By the way, I DO want the government to take all the assault weapons away from the elite hobbyists that now own them.  They don’t belong anywhere but in the military.  Maybe we could shave a little money off the military budget, we’ve all paid enough in dead bodies for the privilege.



Let’s be real about this Armed Militia thing…

The NRA and gun owners will talk about an armed citizenry as the last, best defense against a hostile invasion.  They espouse vivid dreams about how all the gun owners would hide behind trees and shoot at the invading army, thus saving the United States from tyranny. Let’s be real about that scenario.

In the real world, neither Russia, Canada, Mexico, North Korea or any other country I can think of will be sending armed soldiers across our borders in an effort to take over our country.  If there is a war, it will involve planes, missiles, bombs, war ships and other horrors from off our coasts.  Is there a more likely militia scenario?

In the real world, it’s more likely that an autocratic president or military leader, backed by the autocratic Republican Party and their alt right core,  will try to institute a coup.  This is what a lot of us have in the back of our minds and are actually kind of worried about.  Think about it.  In that case, the people with guns are the ones who will likely support the coup and support the end of democracy in the United States.  In that case they wouldn’t be hiding behind trees shooting at invaders, they’d be forming armed mobs to eradicate anyone who didn’t look like, or pray like them.  We’ve seen this happen before. Often.

I don’t know, maybe Republicans are not just taking money from the NRA to support the NRA hobby.  Maybe in the real world they are planning ahead for their own, even more brutal ends. It would fit with all the divisive rhetoric.  And, the border wall. In that case, a few dead children here and there are just a little collateral damage before the real blood letting begins.  Maybe we’ve all become a little too innocent and complacent for our own good.

So – is the NRA a bunch of egocentric hobbyists or part of a coup conspiracy?

Does it really matter?  Either way we need to clean up and control guns.  And get rid of lawmakers who are corrupt enough to support the NRA.  If lawmakers are greedy and stupid enough to support a deadly and uncaring hobby group they need to be gone.  If Lawmakers actually want to turn our country into another autocracy, they really need to be gone.  This would go a long way toward America finding it’s way back to sanity and to leadership of the free world.

Politicians and the NRA…

Lets talk about the NRA and three types of politicians.

Type 1 – Willing to vote for sensible gun sfety right now. Thank you for your service, you’re doing your job and I salute you.

Type  2 – Willing to take money from the NRA and vote as they instruct.  Well, at least you’re out in the open and we KNOW that your basically a corrupt and callus politician.  If voters can get up the gumption, we can get rid of you next election.

Type 3 – Afraid of the NRA.  Not afraid that the NRA will send someone to kill you, but afraid that the NRA will oppose your re-election.  What you’re actually saying is that you value your job more than the lives of your constituents.  Yeah – not that unusual for a Republican.  However, when you see a crazed guy holding an AR 15 to the head of a six year old, you turn your back and vote the safe-for-your-political-ambition NRA way.  Your job is more precious to you than the lives of children you could save.  And that’s a problem.

To you I say – Why did you run for office?  Were you looking to move up to Type 2 status?  Or, were you looking to be a lawmaker who makes a real difference? If it’s the latter, what have you got to lose?  You’ve got money.  If you lose the next election you’re not going to die.  You’re not going to be homeless or even jobless.  Which is more than I can say for the children you represent.  The ones who can’t stand up for themselves.

These last 17 dead kids are on you.  You let them down.  YOU let them down.  How many more bullet riddled bodies will it take for you to get a spine?  How many children screaming in pain and bleeding out on the floor of their school, before you come to your senses?  We didn’t pull you kicking and screaming into the legislature, you signed up for this.  Do the damn job you were hired to do.  If the NRA takes you out then you’re a hero – so prepare yourself for private life and do the right thing while you have the power.  Otherwise you’re just taking up space and preventing someone with more guts from getting the job done.